Geelani asks mainstream parties not to take part in polls

Geelani asks mainstream parties not to take part in polls

Amin Masoodi

SRINAGAR, Oct 20: A day after the poll schedule was announced, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, chairman Hurriyat Conference (G), today asked people to observe social boycott of candidates contesting elections and their supporters.

Senior Hurriyat Conference (M) leader, Shabir Ahmad Shah who has been booked under Public Safety Act (PSA) after his arrest has also appealed for election boycott. Dukhtran-e- Millat (DM) too has called for election boycott and said that so-called elections were not a substitute to Kashmir resolution.

In a statement from New Delhi, Geelani who is also the co-chairman of Kashmir Coordination Committee (KCC), spearheading the present Kashmir movement has said that on the basis of military might India had been conducting so-called election in state for past 62 years in a manner as if there was no meaning of ongoing movement for the achievement of ‘right to self-determination’.

Stating that youth had played a vital role in recently valley wide held pro-freedom protest demonstrations, he asked youth to launch a door to door anti-poll campaign to ensure that a complete boycott of so-called elections was observed.

He cautioned people to remain aware of so-called non-government organizations (NGO’s), and other state sponsored organisations motivating people to take part in elections especially in remote areas of Poonch, Rajouri, Gurez, Doda, Kishtawar and Ladakah.

Hurriyat (G) chairman who is still recovering from a surgery at Escorts Hospital last week said that India was backtracking from the promises it has made from time to time and has also violated the international laws by throwing to winds the resolutions of UN with regard to Kashmir issue. Geelani asked government of India to read the writing on the wall and said that people of Kashmir have yet again rejected the conduct of so-called elections during recently held pro-freedom demonstrations.

Geelani said that additional 600 security forces companies were being deployed in Kashmir to conduct elections in 87 constituencies across the state. He viewed that it was a display of might of security forces and the results of so-called elections were already announced at Kashmir desk in Delhi.

Taking a dig at pro-Indian parties, Geelani said that at one hand these parties were beating about Kashmir resolution and on the other hand, these were taking part in elections without caring for the sentiments of people. He said that people have not given unprecedented sacrifices to bring pro-Indian parties to power but to achieve complete freedom from India.

Geelani urged upon KCC and separatist groups to launch anti-election campaign and not leave people alone at this point of time. He said that morally corrupt people who cast their votes were actually strengthening the policies of India and betraying the ongoing movement. Senior Hurriyat (M), leader, Shabir Ahmad Shah in a statement has appealed people to completely boycott the elections under Indian constitution and demonstrate to the world that so-called elections were not a substitute to the resolution of Kashmir issue. In a faxed statement to KNS, Shah appealed people to respect the sacrifices of lakhs of people who laid down their lives during the ongoing movement. He appealed to the NC and PDP leaders to stay away from elections.

He said that in the recent past, people of Kashmir have submitted a referendum before UN office in Sonwar seeking complete freedom from India and also at TRC ground and Eidgah here. He said that the conduct of elections in state have never affected the status of Kashmir issue in the past and would neither affect it in future.

Dukhtran-e- Millat (DM) too has strongly denounced the conduct of elections in the state. DM has said that people of J and K have already denounced the so-called elections as a futile exercise and abundantly made it clear that elections were not a substitute to the right to self-determination.

According to a press release, the care taker chairperson of DM, Rifat Fatima asked people to observe a complete boycott of elections. She commented that both governor’s rule or popular government were aimed at further strengthening the illegitimate occupation of Kashmir by India and suppressing the genuine voice of people.

She said that the mainstream politicians were desperate to rule the beleaguered Kashmiris though people have already rejected them. She viewed that even India can not befool the international community writhe regard to conduct of elections as even today seven lakh troops have besieged Kashmir and there is violence and bloodshed everywhere in valley.

She said that people in valley were fighting for the right to self-determination and would stay away from elections.

[Kashmir Times]

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  1. It shows that how geelani is creating propagand and people dont have freedom of right as they are forcing jizya on them it shows how poor is geelani and his advocates who are on the helm of defeate.To enthrust the policies this is called the modern world the freedom as they become becoming the modern GORI AND GHAZNAVI.


    Ved basin and the mahzo

  2. Read my blog too

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