One more Inocent kashmiri youth nabbed in Jammu

One more Inocent kashmiri youth nabbed in Jammu

JAMMU, Nov 1: Police and CRPF 72 battalion have arrested a Hizbul Mujahideen militant from near the Railway Station here but no recoveries have been made from his possession. He has been identified as Farooq Ahmed Bhat alias Najeebullah son of Abdul Rehman Bhat R/o Rasoo, Budgam.

Official sources said the militant was nabbed from near the Railway Station during a joint naka laid by police and CRPF.

Police and securty forces blaimd that  During questioning, the militant has disclosed that he had crossed over to Lipa Valley of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) from Dodipura, Kupwara in 2001 where he received training in guerrilla warfare. After his training, he was recruited as an Instructor by Hizbul Mujahideen outfit to train other militants.

He reached Jammu via Nepal border using various modes of transport. However, before he could succeed in meeting his associates and establish his network, he was apprehended by police. His further interrogation was on and some more disclosures were expected of him.

The militant had stayed in PoK for eight years, sources said.


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  1. One more innocent Kashmiri youth… innocent of getting trained by ISI and sneaking back via Nepal to kill civilians in India ?
    When a community provides shelter to the terrorists trained by the enemies of India, innocents pay with their lives and there is nothing new in that. When security agencies do not get cooperation from that community, thay would start going for all suspects, innocent or otherwise, before they finally make a break through in laying their hands on the real culprit.
    There is no point whining that so many innocents have lost their lives in Kashmir, as no one has time for such whining any more, not even the international community.
    Kashmiri muslims would never see happy days ever again, and the innocents would continue paying with their lives, as long as the Pandits are refugees in their own land, and not given back their lives in Kashmir.

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