Indian armed forces are communal: Geelani

Indian armed forces are communal: Geelani

Srinagar: Government of India and its armed forces along with other institutions are communal to the core, said Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani while talking to Press Bureau of India.

He said that India and Israel are hell bent upon changing the Muslim identity of the Kashmir and transforming it into a Hindu state.
While talking of involvement of Hindus in terrorist activities, Geelani said, “The investigation of ATS proved the involvement of Col. Prohit in Malegaon blasts. In attacks on Hyderabad Masjid, Samjhota Express and other terror incidents, Muslims were implicated. However, after spending years behind the bars, it became evident that Muslims are innocent.”

“The police and armed forces of India are communal to the core victimizing Muslims on one pretext or the other. India wants to destabilize Kashmir on every front and with her propaganda machinery the voice of Kashmiris is being gagged,” Geelani added.
Repeating his stand on elections Geelani stressed upon the people of Jammu Kashmir to boycott the elections held within confines of the constitution of India.

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  1. Does Geelani mean, the Pakistani, or the Bangladeshi armed forces are secular ?
    You can never deal with the communals like Geelani, by being a secular.

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