When Will India Quit Kashmir?

When Will India Quit Kashmir?
Kashmir Watch, October 19

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

After protestors thronged to United Nations Military Observer Group office in Srinagar demanding the resolution of Kashmir dispute, as it is already known, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is planning to visit India towards the end of this month or in early November. Another important move in this regard is that United Nations Secretary General has informed the Security Council of his intention to appoint Major General Kim Moon Hwa of the Republic of Korea as Chief Military Observer in the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP). Major General Kim will replace Major General Dragutin Repinc of Croatia.

The historic opening of Srinagar-Muzafarabad and Poonch-Rawalakote roads for trade would be supplemented by some more bold initiatives to facilitate Kashmir resolution process, both on bilateral and internal fronts. Kashmir resolution process involves not only various shades of political opinion but all sections of the society. In a historic decision, the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI), Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jammu (CCIJ) and Azad Jammu and Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AJKCCI) on Oct 14 formed a 32-member joint chamber of commerce. But the cross-LoC trade cannot be an alternative to Kashmir solution.

The latest developments in the State offer Government of India an opportunity to reinforce its resolve of working through peaceful means and through public participation towards the resolution of the problem.

Freedom Leader Geelani

Calling for a complete shutdown on October 24, the United Nations Raising Day, the Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani on Saturday urged masses to send emails, letters, faxes, telegrams and SMS to the UN’s New York headquarters to press for granting Right to self determination (RSD) to people of Kashmir to determine their fate.

Indian Terrorism

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed claimed the State had started witnessing continuous changes of great importance and substance after the 2002 elections transforming its ground scenario positively and this had resulted in consistent increase of public participation in the democratic processes and his party contributed to it. Let that be. But he should enter now the freedom movement by actively involving himself with the freedom leaders fully committed to the cause of full and complete freedom from foreign occupation.

An international organization research on the Kashmir conflict, 7thspace.com, to assess experiences with violence and mental health status among the conflict-affected Kashmiri population, has reported that 85 per cent of Valley population have confrontation with the violence while 66 percent have witnessed torture. The survey reported that the civilian population in Kashmir is exposed to high levels of violence, as demonstrated by the high frequency of deliberate events as detention, hostage, and torture. Respondents reported frequent direct confrontations with violence since the start of conflict, including exposure to crossfire (85.7%), round up raids (82.7%), the witnessing of torture (66.9%), rape (13.3%), and self-experience of forced labor (33.7%), arrests/kidnapping (16.9%), torture (12.9%), and sexual violence (11.6%).The survey found high levels of psychological distress that impacts on daily life and places a burden on the health system. Ongoing feelings of personal vulnerability (not feeling safe) were associated with high levels of psychological distress. Over one-third of respondents were found to have symptoms of psychological distress, women scored significantly higher. A third of respondents had contemplated suicide.

India Destroys Medicinal Fauna of Kashmir

Kashmir is infested with Indian terror forces, agents and pro-India elements sabotaging the cause of freedom. India argues it has every right to heavily militarize Jammu Kashmir and kill the Kashmiri Muslims stock and barrel. Around 60,000 troops are posted in the Gurez which has a habitation of only 30,000 people. The ecology of Gurez is under threat as the army troopers deployed in the border area have been accused of vandalizing the environment by extracting valuable medicinal plants and minerals. Gurez has got vast resources of precious and costly medicinal plants and minerals, which were extracted legally by the locals till 1989 when armed rebellion broke out in Kashmir. After the turmoil, thousands of soldiers were deployed in Gurez and they continue to man each and every ridge.

The locals said that valuable medicinal plants like Kuth (Saussurea cosstus), Diosoriea (Dioscorea deltoidea), Mushki Bala( Veleriana wallichii) Guchies (Morchella esculenta), Black Zeera, Artimesia, Bellodona, Podophyllum (Banwangon) are found in abundance in Gurez. They said that had these natural resources been extracted by the state administration with the help of locals, the economy of the border area would have received a boost. They, however, alleged that the troopers are illegally extracting the natural resources, posing ecological and economic threat to the border area. “There are legal, scientific and technological methods to extract the medicinal plants from the forests. However, troops during illegal extraction are not following these methods and destroy the precious and costly medicinal plants for their monetary benefits,” they said. “We were exporting medicinal plants legally worth crores of rupees to other parts of India and world before start of militancy. After the deployment of army personnel in Gurez, peaks encumbered with medicinal plants and minerals are now on the verge of extinction

India Continues Foul in Jammu Kashmir

After killing about a lakh innocent Kashmiris and destroyed property worth billions of US dollars and, yet, branding the defenseless Kashmiris as “terrorists” and cross-border-terrorists” in a sustained manner in the militarized Jammu Kashmir under terror India occupation, India seems to have all of a sudden woken up to the fact Kashmir should be properly developed before being handed over to freedom leaders for onward development. So far so good, unless the steps are proven injurious to Kashmir health later. Governor NN Vohra seems to be interested in the “development” of Kashmir as much as the Indian government has been in the near future. But under no circumstances should he get the impression that all these initiatives will not, in any way, endear India to Kashmiris who hate India from the core of their hearts, its terror forces and fraud people. He could try to get back the original level of Kashmir’s glory and progress curtailed by Indian strategy to brand Kashmiris as terrorists.

Putting at rest the uncertainty on poll dates the Governor N N Vohra on Oct 18 said that dates for conduct of assembly election in the State will be announced in two days. He also asserted that Governor’s rule in the State will end in next two months. That is a good gesture if India once for all does away with its misrule in neighborhood and withdraws all forces form the region.

Senior Hurriyat Leader Prof. Abdul Gani Bhat has criticized the Government’s decision to lease out 145 kanals of land at Pampore to para-military CRPF for 90-years. The Jammu and Kashmir Industries Limited (JKIL) has reportedly decided to give on lease 145 kanal of land at Pampore to CRPF against the premium of Rs 22 crores. “He strongly condemns this decision of the Government. Already lakhs of kanals of land have been occupied by the troops throughout Kashmir,” Prof. Gani Bhat said. “We would fight this decision tooth and nail peacefully.” Acting chairman Jammu Kashmir Peoples League Mukhtar Ahmad Waza has expressed serious concern over the transfer of joinery mill land to CRPF at saffron town Pampore and termed it as a deep rooted conspiracy to strengthen the illegal occupation of Kashmir through the occupational armed forces deputed in Kashmir to silence Kashmiris from demanding their birth right (FREEDOM). India has already deputed more than 7 lac armed forces which comprise the population ratio of 1:6 is the sheer violation of human rights as stipulated in United Nations charter, these forces have rendered atrocities on common Kashmiris which can be inked in the unending voluminous books ever written on Kashmir resistance history, Mukhtar Waza said.

Patron Mahaz-e-Azadi, Mohammad Azam Inquilabi strongly opposing handing over of land of joinery mill Pampore to paramilitary forces, Azam said such moves give credibility to our doubts that the Government of India has turning Kashmir into a big garrison and added that it is very unfortunate and will affix fuel to the perilous situation of Kashmir because in the cantonment the armed forces never remain parochial and affect the very social fabric � resulting into a complete social disorder, Azam said.

Meanwhile, APHC urged people of Kashmir to protest against such dangerous moves democratically and peacefully. “It is a ploy to destroy the saffron production capacity of the area and attack Pampore’s economy, which is largely driven by the world’s costliest spice,” the locals said.

Who Wants Poll in Troubled JK?

There have been mounting pressures from the pro-India leaders on the Indian government, Election Commission and JK Governor to hold poll and put them in office.

Maintaining that National Conference, an ally of communal BJP, is ready to participate in the assembly elections, party president Omar Abdullah on Oct 16 asked the Election Commission of India (ECI) to announce the poll dates in the State. BJP has said the postponement of polls in Jammu Kashmir would send wrong signals to the world watching the Indian terror activities in the militarized state under Indian occupation. NC thinks it cannot lose out to the freedom leaders in any manner and it must rule if not the Congress. He therefore asserted that NC is ready for elections, no matter whether the ECI announces the final dates now or later. Omar Abdullah, dreaming about his own chance, after his father did, to ruin the lives of innocent Kashmiris as New Delhi’s Hindutva agent in Kashmir. He promised people that NC will initiate more such projects for development of people, if voted to power.

Further, anti-Muslim BJP specifically asked the commission not to postpone the polls and hold it now and impose Indian government in JK. Indian Election Commission, after postponing the polls of JK, has by taking the pressure as excuse, on Oct 19 quickly announced seven-phased poll in Jammu and Kashmir in November 17, 23, 30, December 7, 13, 17 and 24. Counting of votes, accordingly, will take place on December 28. It is pretty clear that the anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmiri forces along with pro-India elements have decided to go ahead with the poll, come what may. That is the showcasing of Indian arrogance and imposing of anything and everything on defenseless freedom seeking Kashmiris.

A Word

Obviously, by keeping an “elected” government, Indian strategies want Indian terror forces to continue to do what they have been doing all these years, killings and destructions. As a strategic partner of USA and Israel, India also is keen to keep some alien nations under its military control and custody. Since there are quite a lot of pro-India politicians, pampered by colonial India, who have become rich and important by supporting Indian terror cause in Jammu Kashmir. Unfortunately, there is none in India and not many in Jammu Kashmir among Hindus who would see reason and demand cancellation of polls in the troubled JK and surrender sovereignty to Kashmiris.

Indian and Jammu regional Hindus who have failed to get the illegal land for their NRI god Amarnath, discovered by Great Britain in 19 th Century, these Hindus and their media lords are keen the pools are held now and land is forcefully taken back or “reconvicted” from defenseless Kashmiris to protect a Hindu god staying outside India. That is Hindu mindset, it never let a Muslim levee peacefully any where in the world, not just in India. Since bulk of media in Kashmir also support Indian government for a few coins in return, only patriotic Kashmiris have to rise once again to reassert their sovereignty goals.

Since India is a known terrorist state and an arrogant democracy, it now for the UN to intervene to finalize the freedom issue and not the Indian dirty poll and other agendas. Hindutva politicians think without polls, India would lose Jammu Kashmir and affect its terrorist national agenda.

India and pro-Indians in Jammu Kashmir, their terror forces and media are together. And now it is for the Freedom leaders to react.

The author is Delhi based Research Scholar in International Studies and can be reached at abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com


3 Responses

  1. when will kashmiris quit/leave India?? and the author of this heretical write up should be amongst the first ones to leave,what is he doing in DELHI when he perhaps seems to be so pained by the Indian atrocities(alleged)in the valley. Why doesn,t he go back and fight for the cause, why doesn’t he tell his Kashmiri brethen to vacate the country aswell,why don’t they stop selling their products in the country, the country that gives them so much pain and hurting,why do they buy land and property in the country ,when they are under so much of a threat and their existence is under this great danger due to indian presence in the valley.
    Why don’t they boycott and forfeit their Indian degrees and all they have learnt in this very country,why don,t they just erase all signs of kashmiriyat from india and this infact would be a solid step towards their ultimate Azadi motive.
    But will they ever do it, that perhaps is even bigger a question than the azadi issue itself??

  2. This guy Abdul Ruff Colachal, has been successful in misleading a lot of Indians by his e-mail address, with a ” jnu ” in it.
    He is a 100% paki, living outside India. Otherwise he would not dare spewing hatred against India for such a long time without facing any repercussion.
    Let us all ignore this third rated India basher.

  3. Indians only understand one language, that is blast/ explosion/ kick whatever you call it.

    These human like creatures with terrific ideology will not vacate Kashmir and surrender to human rights and U.N resolutions, until you kick them and do it very hard.

    “If a dog sits on your way, don’t change the way – just kill the dog”. If you want Freedom – Kill the Dog

    Aebak Islam

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